First look at the brides and grooms of Married at First Sight 2020

The first images of the brides and grooms of season seven of Married at First Sight have been released – here’s what we know about 2020’s cast, so far. 

Season seven of Married at First Sight is set to launch in Australia on Monday the February 3rd (more details on where and how you can watch here), but today we got the first official look at the complete 2020 cast, in their full wedding-day ensembles no less.

We already have done the Instagram-stalking for you (follow the cast here, if you dare), but the Channel Nine show site gave us a little more info on each of the brides and grooms, including their motivations for going on the controversial reality TV show and some rather juicy past relationship history, too.

From the looks of even these limited bios, the 2020 season of MAFS is set to be as drama-filled as the last, with plenty of outspoken personalities, single mums (and dads), the first lesbian couple, as well as brides and grooms with complicated links to past contestants on the show.

We hope this year the experts have got it right for the 2020 class of MAFS, because so many before have not found the true love they were looking for. Either way, we’ll no doubt be glued to our screens.

Keep scrolling to meet the full cast of brides and grooms for the 2020 season of Married at First Sight…

The MAFS 2020 brides:

Amanda Micallef, 34

You can find Amanda on Instagram at @divinephysiquescoaching

The bodybuilder is a Melbourne-based fitness coach and is one of first lesbian couples on the show, being coupled with Tash Herz (below). She’s 34 years old, has struggled in the past with her European family not accepting her sexuality and has been described as a ‘softie at heart’, despite her ‘tough-girl exterior’.

Tash Herz, 31

You can find Tash on Instagram at @tashherz

Coupled with Amanda, Tash is described on the Channel Nine show site as ‘sexually fluid and open’. She’s a bartender from Adelaide, SA, and has also been described as “body piercer and an alternative burlesque performer”, a model and has participated in the ‘Miss Ink’ tattoo beauty pageant.

Hayley Vernon, 32

A bodybuilder and finance broker, the ex-drug addict has been billed as bringing plenty of drama to season seven of MAFS. Apparently, Hayley used health and fitness that ‘pulled her out of the darkness, and she has never looked back’, as her intense workouts on Instagram attest to.

Vanessa Romito, 31

Hailing from Perth in Western Australia, Vanessa is a pharmacy manager and aspiring Youtube vlogger. This is also not her first brush with MAFS, having dated Bronson Norrish from season six of Married at First Sight. Vanessa suffered from acne as a teenager – for which she was bullied for – she ‘still wears the scars both inside and out’ and also has a defensive habit of rejecting men ‘before they can reject her’.

You can follow her on Youtube at Raw Ness

Aleksandra Markovic, 32

You can follow her on Instagram at @aleks.markovic_

A real estate from Perth, WA, Aleksandra’s parents do not support her ‘drastic’ move to find love on national TV, despite being in her early thirties she’s 100 in Serbian years and ‘ready to be left on the shelf’. This is not her first reality TV rodeo either, having previously appeared on Channel Seven’s Take Me Out.

Cathy Evans, 26

Follow her on Instagram at @summertanx

Cathy is Sydney-based logistics investigator and Youtube star with over 3K followers, who watch her videos about her misadventures in love. She is open about her trust issues, and the fact that she now has ‘a thick skin and impenetrable walls when it comes to love.’

Natasha Jayne Spencer, 26

You can follow her on Instagram at @tashski_

This financial analyst from Sydney has apparently ‘has always dated men significantly older than her’ and is hoping the show will match her with someone ‘who sees her for the intelligent, accomplished woman she is.’ She has also been open on her social media about her past battle with body image, saying “I was completely obsessed by the number on the scales…I remember looking at photos and thinking I was fat … crazy lady.”

Stacey Hampton, 25

You can follow Stacey on Instagram at @staceylhampton

The mum of two and law graduate may have a broken engagement in her past, but is keen to walk down the aisle for MAFS. Apparently she’s the ‘break-out star’ of season seven, so keep your eyes on Stacey.

Connie, 27

Connie is from Melbourne and has been single for the past five years. The aspiring marine biologist ‘feels incredibly awkward around the opposite sex’ so we’re sure the experience of MAFS will result in some cringe-worthy moments for her.

Poppy, 38

This MAFS bride’s ex-husband left her for another woman when her twin sons were just six-weeks old. The Wollongong-based mum is looking for a role model for her sons, not just a life partner.

Steven Burley, 51

You can follow Steven on Instagram at @barberskingsman

Steve is a Melbournian barber shop owner (called Kingsman Barbers) is touted as the ‘oldest’ contestant on this year’s show. He has apparently as survived testicular cancer and is something of a Masterchef in the kitchen.

Josh Philak, 28

Follow Josh on Instagram at @joshyp_91

Described as the ‘quintessential loveable Aussie tradie’, in the past Josh has prioritised partying over partners so time will tell if he gets up to his old tricks on the show.

Michael Goonan, 28

You can follow Michael on Instagram at @mickygoonan

The South Australian company director is a single dad with a toddler, and hinted on Instagram that the passing of his grandmother inspired him to apply for the show.

Chris Nicholls, 37

You can follow Chris on Instagram at @chris_nicko_

Another Adelaide-based groom, Chris is a youth worker is a single dad of two boys who is after the ‘perfect family unit’ – similar to that of his parents who have been married for 38 years.

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